Why India Needs the Presidential System



Why India Needs the Presidential System tells the dramatic story of how India’s current system of government evolved, and how it is at the root of many of her problems today. This book is not just an exposé of what is wrong, but a serious effort at offering a permanent solution.


Preface ix

  1. The System of Government Matters 1
  2. British System Was Deceptively Attractive 38
  3. Predilection for a Parliamentary System 66
  4. Nehru Decides; Snubs Gandhi and Patel 91
  5. A System Favoured by Party Oligarchs 113
  6. A Major Reversal in the Constituent Assembly 137
  7. A Case of Systemic Failure 150
  8. India’s System Is ‘Rotten’ to the Core 184
  9. Americans Reinvented Government 216
  10. A Different Approach to Government 257
  11. Towards Better Governance 276
  12. Repelling Authoritarianism 312
  13. The Dissipation of Prejudices 323
  14. Presidential System: The Answer to India’s Problems 338

Select Bibliography 350

Index 357

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‘Well written, solidly researched and cogently argued’
Shashi Tharoor, Member of India’s Parliament, former Under Secretary General of UN, author of 15 books

‘Bhanu has ably argued the case… his book will prove to be a landmark.’
Kuldip Nayar, India’s leading political columnist, former High Commissioner to the UK and Member of Parliament, author of 15 books

‘This is an important and timely book… It looks at the many advantages of the presidential system, and how it could be the right system for India today.’
Shanta Kumar, Former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament, author of 14 books

‘Excellent work… well-researched’
Subhash Kashyap, Former Secretary General of Lok Sabha, India’s Distinguished Constitutional Scholar, Member of National Commission to Review the Working of Constitution, author of more than 100 books

What is the Presidential System?