This book tells the dramatic story of how India’s current system of government evolved, and how it is at the root of her problems.  Why India Needs the Presidential System is not just an expose of what is wrong, but a serious effort at offering a possible solution.

‘Well written, solidly researched and cogently argued’
–Shashi Tharoor

‘Bhanu has ably argued the case and I am sure that if ever the debate
on the subject [of presidential form of government] takes place, his book
will prove to be a landmark.’
–Kuldip Nayar

‘This is an important and timely book…
It looks at the many advantages of the
presidential system, and how it could be
the right system for India today.’
–Shanta Kumar

‘The Book is jargon free, arguments are forceful
and writing style is engaging, he does not let the
reader’s attention flag.’
–The Tribune

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Why India Needs Presidential System Front Cover1 Why India Needs Presidential System by Bhanu Dhamija Back Cover

HarperCollins Publishers India

Paperback |Non-Fiction | 384 pages | Rs 550