Why India Needs the Presidential System tells the dramatic story of how India’s current system of government evolved, and how it is at the root of many of her problems today. This book is not just an exposé of what is wrong, but a serious effort at offering a permanent solution.

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Why India Needs Presidential System Full View

‘Well written, solidly researched and cogently argued’
Shashi Tharoor, Member of India’s Parliament, former Under Secretary General of UN, author of 15 books

‘Bhanu has ably argued the case… his book will prove to be a landmark.’
Kuldip Nayar, India’s leading political columnist, former High Commissioner to the UK and Member of Parliament, author of 15 books

‘This is an important and timely book… It looks at the many advantages of the presidential system, and how it could be the right system for India today.’
Shanta Kumar, Former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament, author of 14 books

‘Excellent work… well-researched’
Subhash Kashyap, Former Secretary General of Lok Sabha, India’s Distinguished Constitutional Scholar, Member of National Commission to Review the Working of Constitution, author of more than 100 books

‘Seldom, if ever, has the case for such a systemic change been more cogently and persuasively made.’ ‘Very thought-provoking’
Jug Suraiya, Times of India

‘The book makes a strong case for the presidential system’
The Tribune, Chandigarh, North India’s Leading English Daily

No. 1 Bestseller
The Tribune, Delhi, November 2015

‘This book is unique in many ways and a must read’
Devender Sharma, Supreme Court of India Advocate

Amazon Bestseller (No. 3 book on ‘Government’)
Amazon.in, November 2015

‘Thought-provoking and cogently argued’
India Legal Magazine, January 2016

‘Impressive, incisive analysis… Modern political thinkers may treasure in their library this very interesting and easily comprehensible book.’
T.S. Khanna, Elected Board Member, Alamo, California, U.S.; Founder, Foundation For Better Government

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Paperback |Non-Fiction |
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What is the Presidential System?

Why India Needs the Presidential System (Second Edition)

‘Why India Needs the Presidential System’ Opens to Unprecedented Media Coverage

देश में अब अध्यक्षीय प्रणाली होनी चाहिए: शांता कुमार, भाजपा मार्गदर्शक व वरिष्ठ सांसद

Tharoor Remarks on Why India Needs the Presidential System