There are two common myths about the US system: it can become a dictatorship and it would harm India’s diversity. The truth is just the opposite. It is the Indian system that produces autocrats and causes communal and ethnic fissures.

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Presidential form of government more transparent, accountable

If we wish to build a great nation, our system of government must unify people and involve us all in governance. These two ingredients are essential for a large, diverse country but our parliamentary system fails us on both counts.

We have a system of majority-rule, designed for top-down administration. India needs a decentralized system that promotes self-governance. This will allow diverse communities to express their cultures, yet feel the spirit of national unity.

America’s presidential form of government is just such a decentralized system. It provides local autonomy but brings people together behind a strong Centre.


[By Bhanu Dhamija, Founder and CMD of the Divya Himachal Group and author of ‘Why India Needs the Presidential System’.]

This article was first published in Firstpost Weekly.