No one has thought more objectively about Pakistan’s claims on Kashmir than Christine Fair. Her views are backed by extensive research and her interest in the topic is scholarly. She says very bluntly, “Pakistan has no legal or moral claim.” Her denials of Pakistan’s longstanding demands in Kashmir are more cogent and forceful than any given by the Indian officials.

Here are five items: two short videos where Ms. Fair expresses her views, her brief bio, a link to her book on Pakistan, and to the 1948 UN Resolution on Kashmir cited so often…


C. Christine Fair obtained her PhD from the University of Chicago, Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations in 2004 and an MA from the Harris School of Public Policy in 1997. Prior to joining the Security Studies Program (SSP) within Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, she served as a senior political scientist with the RAND Corporation, a political officer to the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan in Kabul, and a senior research associate in USIP’s Center for Conflict Analysis and Prevention. Her research focuses upon political and military affairs in South Asia. Her publications are available at


UN Security Council Resolution 47, Kashmir

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