India can achieve her rightful place as a great nation. But the aspirations of a hardworking and good people are being smothered for no fault of theirs. The Indian people are not innately corrupt or incompetent. What’s stifling them is India’s system of government.

Why India Needs the Presidential System shows how India’s adoption of a British-type system was really a one-man decision; how it failed the Indian people; and how it is rotten to the core.

In a first for the Indian reader, this book also describes why America’s founding fathers deliberately rejected the British system. As history’s most experienced constitution makers, they threw out almost all parliamentary principles and invented a new form of government. One that relied on local governments for good governance, but which also provided a strong government at the center.

Thoroughly researched, the book makes the case why India needs such a system; especially given her diversity, size, minorities, and communal divisions. It is not just an expose of what is wrong but a serious effort at providing a solution.


Why India Needs the Presidential System is scheduled for release by HarperCollins (India) in September 2014.