Trump might be a demagogue, a despot, a racist, and everything else his critics have claimed, but he cannot be America’s dictator.  The U.S. system’s checks and balances would ensure that he lives within the boundaries of the Constitution.  And its electoral check, every two years, would make sure his wings are clipped if he overreaches. These checks have weathered worse storms.

Courts in America are an important and efficient check.  They work because the judges are not appointed by any single authority.  The President alone does not decide who sits on federal courts, he must get the Senate’s approval.  Secondly, the states have their own judiciary, independent of the central government.  These factors make the system decentralized, responsive, and accountable to the people.

The Economist has been huffing and puffing about Trump’s despotic behavior but now it realizes that he has an efficient check, the American courts. As an example, Trump’s illegal travel ban was rejected by a state court within a week of its announcement.  The President had to return to the drawing board.

Here’s The Economist article entitled ‘How America’s Courts Can Keep the Government in Check’…